Facebook isn't Trash, We Are

Facebook is still such a cool idea, to me. I also think its technology is really well written in terms of resource management. However, we as a species have to get used to a percentage of other people using it in a way that we might not like. Which, is actually the real underlying reason this blog still exists, and Will lets me use it.

I just saw another boost on an automotive fan group where the poster said that they'd rather own an old Honda than have the bank own their car. This created such a long "thread" (another pet peeve of mine is that conversations on Facebook don't thread very well, load completely, maintain consistent chronological order considering you can only do one child-thread reply) of comments that it completely did away with even trying to get in on the conversation.

However, that was entirely the original poster's goal, as he later commented:
Seth Belli love making controversial posts about two types of vehicles i dont own (Mike K: The two types being Hondas and vehicles owned outright; neither which this troll has)
Luckily, as with many posts that become long someone did chime in with a half decent effort of nuance that I would have come in with. Essentially stating that the bank doesn't really own the vehicle, but holds a lien which gives them first right on the vehicle, as collateral, to relieve the loan debt.

I didn't really find anyone who made an effort arguing that paying for cash for vehicles is also a decision that could not be in one's financial best interest considering that they may not have enough cash for a good quality vehicle outright, OR that if even if they have the cash; that money could be better suited earning higher interest in an investment vehicle that is, dare I say, not a vehicle.

Le sigh. Thank goodness for this blog.


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