Subaru Project Update

So, the spark plugs fixed our problem! Unfortunately, the heads are being lifted. Maybe the 625 ARP Head Studs were not enough, or the head gasket failed in the EJ. So, we're only going to run pump gas for the rest of the year. Which, is fine by us, since the mixing of booster and pump gas became more of a headache. To the point, where carrying jugs of something (race gas or e85) looks more appealing.

After some deliberation, we've decided we'll go to e85 with a flex fuel sensor. I emailed Cobb to see if their flex fuel sensor will flow enough considering we have -8AN lines being fed into the engine.

Regarding the heads lifting, or the gasket failing, we'll be switching to IAG's 14mm head studs, and I'll take the case and heads to them for machining and cleaning.


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