Subaru Project Update

The Subaru was done last year, and it's been a very weird time since then. It took me forever to actually drive it because I couldn't get it to pass inspection with only one monitor not ready. While the car was tuned in June, it didn't get through inspection and available for driving until the END of September, 2019.

Then, at the beginning of December on one of the more mild days I took it for a drive only to have the overflow spew out (ARP 625 head studs not enough?), and the crank pulley come loose. 

We got a new crank pulley and bolt, and on top of Covid-19 becoming an issue in terms of car events, and the ability of anyone to attend anything, another issue arose. Which was a full throttle shudder. My initial thought process is to check the blow-off valve and waste gate plumbing. And we'll go from there. I'll try and keep this blog posted about this.


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