Happy Mother's Day

Dear Mandi,

I love you. I wanted to write about how being a mother is more than just being a mother, but I feel that those types of cards and notes are quite common now. In fact, I’m fairly certain you’re going to hear a sermon that’s going to do just that when you go to church on Sunday.

I think it’s important that you know how good of a mom you are. You’re doing everything eberyone else is doing, while running a multi-million dollar store. And you ARE that store’s manager. There is no one above you when you’re there.

You do that while coming home and making up for the things that I don’t do with Jenson. And it’s obvious and fair to see why Jenson loves you so much. You're there when he wakes and when he goes to bed. Being both the sun and moon is hard work; and near impossible when you're tasked to toil in the fields.

It's important you know just how important you are. It's important to know that your love matters. It's important to know that you are loved.

You've given me a lot more than I every really thought I'd get in life. And the fact that you can do that as a mom is amazing gift that you give to Jenson every day.

Mike K


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