The Bucket List

Right on cue, checking the valve lash on the heads meant ordering all new buckets. So, here's the deal. When I dropped off the heads off, I was told that lash would be set upon completion of porting and installation of new valves, springs, etc. But I'd still need to check when we torqued the heads down on to the block. Sure, no big deal. Makes total sense.

The only thing is, I don't think the lash was set before hand. Like, at all. I don't care/mind that the old buckets were used. It makes sense since if a lash adjustment would need to be made, the machine shop putting new buckets on would be a waste, since even the slightest change in lash would require a new bucket. The measurements Andy made showed the lashes was so far off though, that I don't think any lash setting was done. Not a huge deal, I just wish I wasn't made to think that any attempt was going to be made before hand to set the lash.

And with that in mind, I still also wonder why I brought in everything when all that machine work needed wouldn't necessitate having any of the internal components of the heads. Rather, just the heads would be necessary.

Like I said, not mad at all, more just child-like wonderment to the effect of, "Wait, why did I really have to bring all that other stuff in?"

Also, didn't know buckets were so expensive. Definitely makes EVEN MORE sense for the head work to not include new buckets if lashes would be adjusted again. But, still, why bring in the new valves, springs, keepers, and retainers? At this point, I'm just glad I didn't lose anything.


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