I Knew It, But I Didn't Think of It

And so it goes, a life of bearings. I was a dummy and didn't realize how much a Benson case with ARP case bolts crushes on the main bearings. Standard size came out to .001 clearance, which while still good, I preferred more oil clearance. When just checking, the case was torqued only to 30 ft-lbs, and my number of clearance I thought was .002. But, 60 ft-lbs is the torque on the case-bolts on final. So I had to re-buy extra clearance bearings when I realized my mistake of not committing to the final torque number.

Ah well.

Upon, further inspection of the stock crank, and with the head-work done, the heavier Pauter connecting rods, and the RPM that may be needed, a Manley crank was ordered. Pretty cool.

Thanks to Andy @ Delaware Speed & Custom for the man-hours, and experience.


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