Moving Along

Everything has been sent out and ordered. Some stuff has even come in. The only things left to do when everything comes in is:

- replace the piping on the Cobb exhaust from the neck down to make it 3".
- create new fuel lines
- modify bumper beam
- check clearances and purchase head gaskets and bearings.
- complete new gauge wiring

On with the parts list and commentary.

Bottom End:

- Case sleeved and O-ringed by Dan Benson Racing/Machine (this will come in around beginning of August)
- Standard bore (99.5mm)
- Stock crankshaft
- CP Pistons 99.5mm; top and side coated
- Pauter Rods
- ACL bearings (yet to purchase; waiting to check clearances)
- Killer B oil pickup & pan (already had this on the engine/car)
- Orbit Oil Pump

Head stuff:
 BC stage 2 cams (Adv. Duration: 272/272; Duration at .050: 222/222; Lift: .400/.400(in) 10.16/10.16(mm))
- BC valves (stock diameter), springs, and retainers
- Head work needs to be completed (Satoru Speed in Elkton will have this back by August)
- Catch Can from Satoru Speed
- TGV Deletes by Satoru Speed
- Cobb 3-port Boost Control Solenoid
- one step colder spark plugs

- Custom fuel lines and fittings (will complete during assembly)
- Turbosmart Fuel Pressure Gauge 
- Aeromotive 340lph fuel pump
- ID1300 injectors with ID fuel rails (this came to me as a recommendation by IAG)

- Koyo Radiator
- STI Group N Engine Mounts
- Kartboy Rear Diff Crossmember Bushings
- Version 3 Accessport
- Full-Race T4 Turbo kit and Reverse Manifold Intercooler Kit
             - GT35R, 1.06AR, twin scroll (comes with headers, upipe, waste gates, coatings).
- DEFI boost gauge, oil pressure gauge, AEM wideband

Once Andy and I are into the work and have a completion date in sight, we will get a map from IAG, complete what I assume are a couple of oil changes and break-ins (cams get their own break in), put mileage on the engine, and complete leak down checks among other checks. During the break-in process we will have scheduled a tune with Cleo at IAG. I admit, I hope that Andy from Delaware Speed & Custom gets to come with me (not the easiest thing in the world when you're a one man shop/builder) to IAG for the tune so everybody can meet each other. We're aiming for it to be a fun and fulfilling experience.


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