Figured Out

With all the work and money me and Andy are putting into this Subaru build, I have to admit other people who just focus on ride height, and wheels and tires have it all figured out.

You can go through a lot of Facebook pages and Instagram accounts to look at new cars, and I'm going to tell you right now, wheels, tires, and ride height is where it's at. I imagine the conversations go thusly:

New wheels: "I love the way his car looks right now. I can't to see his new setup."

Looking at my car when it's done: "You say you've done all this work, but all I see are stock wheels."

All this only to be shunned by muscle car guys who love their power. I tell you now, if anyone says to me and Andy that the work on the car is being done for some notoriety other than self-congratulations, I'd like to see that notoriety.


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