A Note and an Example

After having a conversation with my wife about the following episode, I feel it important to make just a few comments.

First, the power of narrative works. Whether through my own lack of communicative powers, or Brett's mastery of message politics, Mandi received his message more-so than she did mine. Once again, I feel that my worries of having children, and thinking of the future, are legitimate. Brett turned that into a complete protest (on my part) to having children. Whether through comedic effort, or not, Mandi took it seriously.

In my introduction, I remarked as to how I let it happen in the first place. I didn't even notice what was going on when Brett and I were talking. However, upon editing the episode I noticed how construed my comments and worries were being made. Not only was this a disservice to my intention (in that I do want to have children, but I worry about what future could be provided to them), but this was a disservice to that ACTUAL examples of consternation-ridden topics I laid out. And in fact, if anything upon re-listening, I once again call Brett's arguments cynical at best, and dis-informative at worst (all for comedic effect though).

To be clear, I'm not mad at Brett. I should have caught this in the act, and I failed to do so. That is a complete failure on my part, and if I were to have conducted an interview with someone else, I would be writing something similar.

Moreover, this is an excellent example of message politics. I could have swore that while I wasn't "wiping the floor" with Brett, that his own criticisms of my worries were going to obviously be seen as cynical and vapid. I can't imagine how many times this happens on a daily and systemic basis in our political world. Whether it be through a political advertising, or debates.

As well, I feel that my episode with Mike Cinelli lacked a clear message of support that I have for the LGBT community (and that acronym was the basis for bringing up the conversation), and how I feel my RA class (and probably many others) may do a disservice. The post from Andrew Sullivan that I spoke of can be seen here. Quote:
And the idea that trans people or gay people are those signing up for this mindless crap is particularly distressing.”
“When you think of the courage so many trans people have demonstrated over the decades and centuries, when you think of all the brilliant, funny and sharp ways in which trans people have described their world and ours over the years, this craven emotional blackmail and language monitoring is particularly tough to take. It is not some kind of high-point for gay maturity and tolerance. It’s a sad and tawdry failure to live up to the heroes and heroines – and standards – of the past.”


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