It Started at JP Morgan For Me

I'm buying my first home, and I'm getting a loan with FHA assistance. In doing so, my mom has been so kind enough to help and gift me some funds for the purchase. It's great, and she's a great mom.

But, the problem is that FHA loans need to know where any and all money comes from. It probably makes sense since every real American would get upset if they found out that terrorist funds helped someone get an FHA loan.

So, when my mom is asked about all of this stuff, she gets wicked paranoid (it's actually not a lot of information). Once I explained to my sister (who has the patience to explain this to my mom), even my sister mentioned, "Obama," in the first sentence of her response.

It's just ironic because even when I encountered the training at JP Morgan that made sure everyone knew that the company was not allowed to hold any funds that might go-to, or be related-to, terrorists, it felt like it was made by concerned congressmen. It felt ultra-American. And it also felt, completely reasonable.

"They don't need my information." I can't wait to tell the next person who says that, "That's something a terrorist would say." I just want people to be consistent. And if the only thing they can be consistent with is being crazy, scared, and scary, then how am I supposed to deal with that?

Anyway, banking/foreign-banking regulations that try to protect Americans, you're making Republicans. But not for the reasons you think.


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