Making a Republican

I'm going to try a new series. I doubt it will take off, or have any long-lasting cultural relevance. But, it might at least be anecdotal fun. The idea is to have a new series called "Making a Republican," where I try to chronicle some anecdotes about events that - I think - push people further to the right.

My first example comes from a friend:
Man I hate MD. I held up my EZ-pass (after talking to the attendant regarding toll cost with trailer + extra car) and guess what? Damn thing didn't read my EZ-pass. So I expected U-Haul to get the ticket (they did) and of course they kick it over to me (I just got it today). So I should just pay the $8 Bay Bridge toll by entering my EZ-pass account #, right? Nope, I have to pay a $27 "video toll."'s a $27 toll when you're towing a car? WTF
I'm sure there will be better stories, commentary on tax season, and normal give-in-to-government items that I will try to write down. The irony I'll try to write will usually reflect on how "we" (including me) sweat the small stuff from the government, and let larger items (e.g. state surveillance) go without public discussion. Of course, until it happens to Diane Feinstein.


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