11:06 Seth Rollins really putting out some awesome moves. 

@thesteelcage: I cringe every time I see Rollins take those crazy bumps. How has he not snapped all of this bones at this point? #RAW

@ahess49: Seth Rollins is a rich man's Jeff Hardy

Luke Harper also showing some of his wrestling ability in this match.

And out come Evolution.  And the interference costs The Shield the match. And evolution comes into the ring to pick up the scraps. 

And I think that's how it's going to end tonight, folks. I don't think The Shield have any saviors to come help them from the back during the post show. 

10:55 up next is the Wyatt's versus the shield. Tons of lights In the crowd. Out next, The Shield. 

@davidbix: Seth Rollins is the best wrestler ever to have such stupid hair #RAW #SHIELDvsWYATTS

One more update I think for the night. 

10:40 and we come back from commercial with a special Mother's Day message from a spliced Mr. T video, from his hall of fame acceptance speech. 

And out now is Jack Swagger. Zeb is out to speak to Real Americans. Why is Heyman on the deportation list?

Oh, this is it. Out comes Adam Rose. The crowd seems eerily quiet. I don't care what twitter is saying. The crowd does not seem to be into this. 

@jasprung: Even a shitty crowd was singing along!!!! YESSSSSS!!! @WWEAdamRose #roseexperience #rosebud

10:25 PM Big E's rematch begins now. Calling Wade Barrett, simply Bad News, is so weird. Surely, people can see that?

Some CM Punk chants. Really misplaced. And awkward.

And Barrett wins and retains his title. A fairly straight forward match. a little rake to the eyes.

10:08 PM
The good news is that my unbridled hatred of the Bellas is back to white-hot. #RAW
5/5/14, 10:05 PM
This stuff is obviously tongue in cheek, people. Lighten up and you might enjoy it.
5/5/14, 10:05 PM
Reel it in just a little bit, Brie. You're doing a good job, otherwise. (@nicoleandbri) #RAW
5/5/14, 10:05 PM
Glad I'm not the only one who still understands this is pro wrestling, and just a show.

10:04 PM Back from commercial, Del Rio is in control of the match. These two guys are really putting on a good match.

And Daniel Bryan wins with the Yes lock.
Cool way to put on the #YES Lock! @WWEDanielBryan @VivaDelRio #RAW
5/5/14, 10:01 PM
And there's Kane's music. They go to the car, it can't start, and there's Kane to beat everyone up. And this is bad. Bad acting, everything. But it's wrestling.
i can scream better than that oh my god
5/5/14, 10:03 PM
OK, Brie, stop screaming.
5/5/14, 10:02 PM
5/5/14, 10:03 PM
Oh dear god, this is like a poorly written WWE Studios horror movie.
5/5/14, 10:04 PM
I am laughing to myself right now.
There's no way D-Bry has his driver's license inside those trunks. Alert the Albany police.
5/5/14, 10:04 PM

9:53 PM Alberto Del Rio will be taking on Daniel Bryan. This could be good.

In other news, Lance Storm, and our other regular cast of twitter users seem to all have noticed that Rusev has only black men.
Alberto, we can see you calling spots. Hide it better! #RAW
5/5/14, 9:47 PM
#TheDemonKane is going to becom a new drinking game.

On the app, it's actually last night's interview with Paige from Extreme Rules. I was expecting more of Daniel Bryan's match. Okay.

9:37 PM Out comes Lana to introduce Rusev. He'll be facing Kofi Kingston tonight.
Rusev's gimmick is that he beats up black guys. Okay, then. #RAW
5/5/14, 9:30 PM
So, it looks like they're going "cesaro" on Rusev and dropping the "Alexander."

Well, sorry Kofi. You worked really well. But sometimes, you're called to put over another wrestler.

9:24 PM More Kane scaring Daniel and Brie in the back / locker-rooms.
This is turning into a bad B horror movie. RUN UP THE STAIRS BRIE. RUN UP THE STAIRS. #RAW
5/5/14, 9:16 PM
Trusting Stephanie McMahon to get your car is your first mistake.
5/5/14, 9:16 PM
Daniel Bryan got locked in a room wit a Bella twin .... I don't see the problem. #raw
5/5/14, 9:17 PM
5/5/14, 9:17 PM (he's just guessing, this hasn't happened. ... Yet?)
We're back from break for a Cinco de Mayo celebration with Los Matadores. Guys, I'm concerned.

Oh, thank goodness, 3MB is coming out.
Okay, Hornswoggle, that heel work was pretty good. I laughed. #RAW
5/5/14, 9:23 PM
3MB/Matadores > Freebirds/Von Erichs
5/5/14, 9:23 PM
A sad part of this 3MB/Matadores joke-feud is that 6/7 participants can actually go in the ring.
5/5/14, 9:27 PM
9:15 PM Up next, Cody Rhodes will take on Ryback.
Why the hell does Stephanie know so many behavioral facts about Kane? Is she shooting a nature doc about him? #Raw #WWE
5/5/14, 8:32 PM (nothing about nothing really, the WWE rarely follows up on the "why" of things, but I couldn't help but mentioned how much I love this tweet)
I know it's a quiet match and no one cares, or whatever, but I pop every time Ryback slaps his own head and yells, "stupid!"

Goldust moves in to prevent Axel from interfering; Axel pushes him into the post that Cody is atop of with the turnbuckle, and Cody falls right into a shell shock.

9:01 PM By the way, I didn't think the ending of RVD v. Cesaro was that bad. I think the Wyatts come out next.

On the app, Fandango cuts a promo with Layla. I really do like Layla, despite what the Twitter universe thinks. That being said, I think everyone likes Fandango. I wonder how they could push him. It's tough though, you can't push everyone.

Bray is out waxing poetic that he came out last night and became somebody. "You can't own the children, John."

"...see right through you, John Cena." Bray is claiming he does this for the children. And poor people. And girls who are judged poorly on their looks. He's going real populist on this.
Is this is a face turn?
5/5/14, 9:00 PM
Thank you Bray!
5/5/14, 9:00 PM
"You will remember me for what I truly am, a god." Okay, wow.

8:50 PM
The moment when #ScumbagSheamus won the U.S. Title, I clearly heard @schlizzag scream in agony. And we live 27 miles away from each other.
5/5/14, 8:42 PM
“@WWESheamus: 3 words: #UnitedStatesChampion. Now, who's coming to the nearest bar? http://t.co/fEkowGiQSc” alcoholism is a disease
5/5/14, 8:41 PM
Back to RVD v. Cesaro, and what was turning into a great match becomes a DQ as RVD gets caught up in the turnbucle and Cesaro keeps going after him beyond the five count.
That finish was terribad #RAW
5/5/14, 8:50 PM
8:42 PM As we're waiting to come back from commercial, I'm reminded of how much hate we'll see from Twitter (and I kind of agree) over Cesaro's theme song.
RVD looks like he could use a nap. #RAW
5/5/14, 8:39 PM

8:31 PM On the app, Titus O'Neil is angry. I'm serious, that's about it.

Adam Rose promo just aired. I forgot that he'll be debuting tonight.

Ugh, remember having to call Kane, "Corporate Kane?" Now, it's, "Demon Kane." Or, even, "The Demon Kane." Oy.

And out comes RVD for his match against Cesaro. Commercial break.

8:22 PM And we're down to Sheamus and Ambrose. And Sheamus wins. I don't think anyone on Twitter is liking this.
The internet groans in unison. There is a disturbance in @WWE. #RAW
5/5/14, 8:20 PM
Triple H comes out and says that The Shield, essentially, sucks. And he is going to put then in a 6-man tag match tonight against The Shield.

By the way, the only person to like the result.
Dean finally lost. Thank goodness
5/5/14, 8:22 PM

8:17 PM And out goes Big Show after everyone teams up on him.

Santino eliminates Dolph Ziggler, and man does he get booed hard.
And Ziggler was eliminated by the Cobra...#buriedalive #battleroyal
5/5/14, 8:15 PM
5/5/14, 8:15 PM
Swagger, Ryback, Axel, Sheamus, and Ambrose still in it.

8:10 PM And out comes The Shield. And the 20-man Battle Royal opens the show. People getting eliminated.
JBL thinks sin cara should've won because its cinco de mayo...
5/5/14, 8:07 PM
Oh, radio...back to Catering I go #raw
5/5/14, 8:06 PM (Zack Ryder eliminated)
The fall of Damien Sandow's stock continues to make me sad. #Raw (Not #BattleRoyal on principle).
5/5/14, 8:09 PM

7:59 PM I wonder who Cesaro's next opponent will be. Was his win against RVD & Swagger last night an end to either man's feud? A match tonight will be Swagger v. RVD.

Also tonight, Big E has his rematch against Wade Barrett.

7:50 PM Going over the kid who had the -creepy-voice-affected microphone that freaked out John Cena and everybody else last night during his match, a freak-out that distracted Cena enough for the Wyatts to hit him pretty hard, and walk out of the cage and win the match.

You know, I like Natalya, and I hope having her on the pre-show talking loosens her up for better promos and wrestling in the future. It's telling that the "reality show" of Total Divas hasn't done that. Only, further showing just how produced and herded that show is.

7:45 PM Here again, for Monday Night Raw. So far, the pre-show on the network is going over last night's Extreme Rules.

Dean Ambrose will be part of an over-the-top-rope Battle Royal for his championship, not just a #1 contendor-ship. at least, that's how they've explained it.


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