Picking a Fight

Andrew Sullivan links to this post from Damon Linker. Much in the same way Patrick Stewart / Jean Luc Picard put his head in his hand, I do the same.

Linker calls Tyson a philistine because in a Nerdist podcast interview, Tyson is outspoken about his annoyance and utter distaste for philosophical questions that have little to no science ability, or rather, applicability.

Couple things. First, I guess it's awesome that Linker and I both listen to the Nerdist podcast. Second, I assume he must be as far behind his podcast listening as I am. Otherwise, he's just trying to listen to anything Neil deGrasse Tyson does.

But, why I am seemingly dissapointed and still not trying to completely break down and lash out to Damon Linker? Well, first, he seems impossible to argue with. I mean, I don't think even when wrong, he'd ever apologize about anything. Second, I'm not as good as he is at writing, or probably, anything.

However, I'm still disappointed. If you're getting links from Andrew Sullivan at The Dish, then why not reach out to Tyson? How was that not in any way possible? But, to just come out and say he's a Philistine? I think I just got suckered into link bait.


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