By The Numbers

Andrew Sullivan recently wrote:
So a Supreme Court ruling that did not find civil marriage as a core constitutional right for gay couples would now beagainst public opinion. Ross and Rod are surely more right than they might imagine. This is becoming not a victory for gay equality but a rout. The new Post/ABC poll, for example, finds for the first time that there is a plurality in favor of marriage equality in every age group. Even the over-65s are now in favor, by 47 – 43 percent. The next generation (under 40s) sees the issue as a no-brainer with a massive 72 – 22 percent in favor.  40 percent of Republicans are now supportive, with 23 percent strongly supportive. And, in fact, the intensity factor – long on the side of fundamentalists – now operates in favor of gays and their friends and families.
I wonder what a poll results would look like if we asked the nation if black people should have the right to vote. I'm almost afraid to see what the results could be.


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