Like, Sort Of

I just stumbled across this guy's blog. After reading this article and seeing the by/head-line of “You got one guy going boom, one guy going whack, and one guy not getting in the endzone,” (John Madden), I thought I was going to hate this guy and everything he wrote.

But, actually, no I agree with almost everything else he writes.

That being said, I think he steals WWE PPVs. Because everyone else I know, is in love with WWE's new network and pricing that's rolling out later this month. PPVs are included in the price of 9.99 a month.

Now, I'm not saying he isn't GOING to be right. The network could fail. But here's the deal, I, and many others like me, can't wait.

If I were going to touch on anything specific he said, which I don't REALLY want to get into because I'm sure he'd rip me a new one, it would be that I just that even if the network fails it doesn't change much. In fact, the network being doesn't change much either. In fact, it changes nothing. Everything else still works the same for everyone else who isn't on the network. But, if you purchase more than 3 Pay Per Views per year, you're already coming out ahead on this.

It's also stated that old matches, etc. are out there on the net. Assuming that they're the ones that WWE hosts itself (either through WWE, or its YouTube channel), then it's still not the entire back catalog. It's also a match here and there from those pay per views. Other users who host older matches are giving you hit, or miss, quality, and I'm surprised the WWE hasn't taken those videos down yet etc.

In the end, Sean really could be right. His vision of the network's failure isn't because of too few subscribers. Well, it is, but not the way you think. The way he words it, WWE will lose PPV revenue out of this deal, because people will subscribe to the network instead of buying PPVs. Which, I thought was the point of the deal, but may be Sean knows more about the PPV sales. You know what I do know. The wrestling group that I'm a part of on Facebook would do pay per views at one friend's house. All those people in the group, they're buying into the network.

So, from a fan's point of view, this works, at least it should work as advertised. And I can't wait to see if Sean is right, or wrong.


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