This is Why Time Travel Doesn't Work

This is classic NASIOC. A man comes with what he should know will be a thread to be blasted and trolled into outer space. Even though, underlying there is an understandable "Why are they (police) picking on me" sentiment.

And as I have come used to expect, only a few posts in do we get to see the awesome power of new and younger generations of car owners washing away the fights of the past. Indeed, history does repeat itself. Just look back to see how users reacted to the current body of the Subaru Impreza WRX.

And with that same body style, and the hatred for it, just look at how the users describe it now.

Comes with the territory in owning a car that stands out;...

...He picked your car because it looked the most sporty. You were 5 over and 6 away from wreck less...

You a 2012 WRX, which stands out among other cars, can catch a cops eye more so than other vehicles traveling faster.  You didn't buy the car to blend in, and standing out has its perks as well as disadvantages.
My point is, you own a car that is prone to being pulled over more than others.
I've come to the conclusion that no amount of time travel could ever fix anything. Because ten years later, it will have never of been wrong.


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