Not Enough Fingers to Point

I've lost the energy to keep up with people whom by lack of energy, lack of sense, or lack of types media make erroneous and absent-minded statements. The latest comes from a user on Facebook who re-posted an update that gave names and ages of recently fallen soldiers who are fighting and serving for the United States overseas. While providing the names, this user also mentions how these honorable men and women are never mentioned.

The problem? I'm glad you asked. Their post does a couple of things. First, it misses the mark completely by ignoring the fact the PBS News Hour announces all service members who have died in the line of duty overseas as soon as the names and portraits become available. Their post just misses this completely, end of story. Except, secondly, their post implicitly blames Americans (aka, Facebook users) for what has always been a failing of media and government to protect us.

On an almost weekly basis, I'm reminded of when an internal NBC memo was leaked regarding Phil Donahue's cancellation stating that he would provide, "difficult public face for NBC in a time of war." I always find it curious the things people get mad at, and yet do absolutely nothing about.


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