Your Point Makes My Counterpoint

I love this post from Andrew Sullivan (in a sick, sadistic way). And he's been making this point for a while now.

His idea is that anything to get a conversation going on the budget is good. By that logic, we can assume that talking about how Quadaffi is a psycho  will change the way things happen in the Middle East. Discussing these topics isn't going to change anything because no one with any money wants anything to change.

In fact, I'd bet that Ryan made the plan in a manner knowing that it wouldn't be put out to the floor so that he only has to stand behind it in a rhetorical sense and say, "See, at least I tried, and you're too scared to try anything." Which, for those of you paying attention sounds like the same excuse I would give if I lost a pensioner his 401K plan in AAA rated collateralized loan lottery tickets.


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