You Hate Yourself

A few words on the pull back of funding to PBS member stations.

I am in no way, shape, or form, amazed at the agreement many viewers have regarding the take away of funding towards public broadcasting. In fact, if America is amazing at anything, it's the ability to make the smallest, most insignificant sacrifice such a dire cause to the march of freedom that is our nation's narrative. Oh, you don't believe me? Then why do we order diet coke when we get the number 4 at McDonalds?

And then there's the hatred from whoever wrote into Michael Getler. In between Getler's weekly "I'm-an-ombudsman-I-can't-have-an-opinion-or-I'll-lose-the-integrity-that-no-one-notices-or-cares-about" high school paper article, viewers shared with him their frustrations that PBS would stoop to the level of advocating funding for itself, as opposed to allowing others to simply say they suck and accept such critique as fact. You know, the way NPR does it.

But once again, the entertainment of these consequences is too much to withhold me from writing such a wondrous review of the saga. A man, alone, willingly watches programming, and when reminded that the provider of such programming is losing funding and would need their viewer's support, gets angry at the prospect that the thing he consumes for free is not, in fact, free. It's as if I'm reading some real life version of The Machinist.

And all of this, for programming that simply legitimizes the narrow ideology between the two parties. No Republican hates a Democrat for a position being held, or vice versa. They hate each other because they are on differing teams, while their positions are fundamentally identical.


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