The Climates, They Are a Changing

From time to time, Paul Krugman will write an article, or post, that talks about how we’re missing doing anything about the impending crisis of climate change. It’s implied that the reason nothing is done because our elected officials choose to profit and stay in office by those who would yank any and all financial backing from their campaigns should they choose to make oil a secondary commodity (like oxygen, or something).

I do have a secret though as to why we, as a people, are not worried about global warming: because we don’t care. There are YouTube videos of white, suburban, well-off, youths who kick footballs into oncoming cars. And you’re going to tell me that you’re shocked that species that produces that has yet to do anything about global warming?

All in all, it should be kind of comforting. I mean, think about it, all that means now is that George Will has more in common with those suburban youths that anyone would have originally thought. And the point is that no one cares because they can get away with not caring.

Oh, you don’t believe me? Then why do you think it would be “rad” if we had 50-70 degree weather in February?


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