I Want Barabus

Well, I think I may be as close as I get to where WhoIsIOZ lives. It’s to the point where I fiendishly observe my friends (it’s easiest on Facebook) who identify as conservative waiting for any and all comments they make regarding any and all topics that require some sort of one sided political opinion (read: all political opinion). It really is like watching some sort of experiment unfold before your eyes.

After the apparent flight of President Mubarak to his resort home, everyone is left wondering what will happen. One fervent church go-er commented that we should be afraid of The Muslim Brotherhood. Which, only further goes to show just how awesome America thinks popular uprisings are.  It only takes 12 hours for many to start missing the man who reigned over his country for 30 years. Moreover, have we apparently not noticed just how military centric Egypt is? I mean, they have one, which really gives them some points in that area of the world and puts them apart from Afghanistan in regards to “things we can control.” And the Muslim Brotherhood has barely reached Tea Party status over there.

Another Righty McBlowstuff-Upperton commented, “If it only takes that much of the population of Egypt to overthrow their President, how many would it take to get rid of Obama?” That’s the spirit. For once I can finally agree with the thinking of the embattled white man and his want for revolution. “You know, I really hate the French. We should start acting more like them.”

But here’s my question, um, er, in all of your uprising endeavors, do I get a job? Or, do I get an unemployment check?

I just don’t care for revolution in the US right now. It’s a common-man / militia / militaristic parallel of a political campaign for change. You know what I care about? A job, and providing a service in exchange for legal tender which keeps me alive in trade for other people’s goods and services. And honestly, that’s what most people care about. That’s what keeps them (me included) content to go on living their lives. The state exists to perpetuate its own existence, and it does so by the ability to keep the people passive, and a great way of keeping the pitch fork mobs and torches at bay is by making sure we’re content, by being employed.

Remember, I’m not telling anyone what to do. I’m simply stating institutional fact. Of how things operate, and why they do. Why does a firm (or government) continue to grow beyond the point where it’s profitable? Because the bigger it gets, the more tangled into the system it becomes, and the tougher it is do away with, or let go. It exists so that it can continue its existence. I’m not even saying it’s bad, I’m just explaining to you the first layer of “why.”


On a side note, why do I not pick on anyone on the left? Well, I do, but my friends who identify as on the left didn’t like President Bush because he tortured people. And they’re not exactly praising Obama because, well, his administration has continued a great many of their predecessor’s policies. Just go to Glenn Greenwald’s blog at Salon.com for a week, and wait until he brings you another “This person isn’t being let back into the US because he was just put on a no-fly list, and he is now being tortured and held in another country without charges.”

Most of what takes up time on the news reel is not even about political left and political right. It’s all the same until you start asking about social issues (even then there are still so many similarities, e.g. drug war). And all of this continues to marginalize those who are already marginalized. Any minority, and especially if they’re poor. And ultimately, that’s why there won’t be a revolution; because of the marginalized and poor. They are looking for a job, for help, and for a way out. And while he’s just another politician, there’s one person they look at for that help. Maybe there will be a revolution if it gets worse, maybe not. But I know that right now anyone will tell you what I will tell you: I don’t want a revolution, I want a job.


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