Back on Twitter

I’m just going to say that I’ve started using Twitter again. In terms of responding to comments, or asking other authors/experts (most are users) questions, this seems to be the easiest way to go. Also, I figure that Twitter is another way for users who don’t use RSS feeds to follow us wonderful beings on the Nappy Cat.

I’m still unsure if I’ll start plugging links to things I write from the Nappy Cat, or just keep forcing people to the RSS feed. I’m thinking of using TwitterFeed to have Twitter automatically post things from the blog. If you have any other suggestions, let me know.

You can follow me on twitter @MikeKatsimbris. Also, while I’m not sure I have access to do so, Will might be able to make a “latest Tweets” box somewhere on our web page so that you (for those of you who don’t care for RSS or Twitter) can just come to our site and see what he (I’m not sure if he still uses his Twitter account) and I have been linking to lately.


One more thing regarding the last post I wrote about Twitter. I still stand by the RSS feed problems it has (all the replies to fans/friends and retweets of content). I will say this however. Subscribing to a user’s RSS feeds allows you to see if they’re answering their fans, and even give you an idea of just how much self promoting goes on. Remember how I singled out Tim Harford last time? Well, not only has he actually toned it down (not by my accord, I assure you), but he really is an answer-centric user. A lot more Neil deGrasse Tyson than Sara Benincassa. By the way, that’s not a shot at Sara because she actually does have some great content.

Oh, and let me ask anyone reading this: If there is a worry that Facebook has reached its MySpace moment, not only do I want to ask what would replace Facebook, but more relevantly, what would replace Twitter when it reaches that point? Or, will Twitter not reach that point? And if not, why not?


Collins Batchelor said…
Every media point has a life cycle. FB has continually channged it's interface. This will help keep it relevant longer than it would otherwise. I don't believe that it has gone public (yet), but if it does that should further help it's life span--investors will force changes the public wants.
I don't know what will happen with Twitter, but it is such a volatile media source it may be more protected. Time will tell in both cases. You never know you're the last buggy maker until you're the last buggy maker.

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