Start a Nap

So, let me just say this about that.  Due to the increase in flow of people quoting Thomas Jefferson, and his want to revolt on occasion (that is soooooooo French, by the way), I find it necessary to explain that this endeavor is not only futile, but misguided.

Mind you, I could go on explaining how the Donk in the big white house is actually just a centrist, no different than any other politician.  But more than that - and more to the point that he is just like any other politician - is the fact that Obama is ensnared in the same machine we are all ensnared.

This is an empire, and empires crush rebellions.  And quoting Jefferson for rebellion's sake does nothing but show how much of a sore loser one is and the ability to nit-pick history.  If we can learn anything from anywhere and from anyone, it's that you can't vote within a system and expect that system to change.  So, you say rebellion?  To what end?  Why?  Even if one were to indulge on that victory of defeating the system that created them, what other system would you choose to ensnare yourself in?

The only time when an empire loses is when it collapses in on itself, only to have those who receive the spoils write history saying they were the victors of something they know not what.  What these people don't realize is that their rebellion isn't about fighting against the state for some virtuous sake; it's about their greed for more money.


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