Second Verse, Same as the First

Regarding the latest project of polling and surveys for Don't Ask Don't Tell, I have to admit that I sit idly by with morbid curiosity wondering what the spin will be for what seems to be the overwhelming response of, "I don't fucking care, leave me alone."

Whatever the spin comes out as, it won't be hard. I mean, not only is Wikileaks soaking up the news cycle now, but it's actually serving as proof as to how easy it is to spin the public. I mean, these leaked "cables" (apparently it's still cool to use terminology from the 1920s) have provided evidence for things we already knew were happening. Ideally, you would think that it's a great time to start nailing superiors for their demure statures on positions that are either not important, or already well known. But, no. For fear of being forced to speak on high-school terms with the American public, and go down the way of Jimmy Carter, the government has been able to spin matters onto Julian Assange. Why does he matter? Who cares, at least you're not talking about me.

The same technique has been at work by Wall Street for eons now. What do you mean rocket-docket foreclosures aren't a good thing? That guy over there isn't paying his mortgage! His name, address, and property parcel? I'll have to get back to you on that.


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