As an amateur economist (no published papers), there is one question that I've yet to look up on wikipedia. Is Israel's economy based mostly on tourism? What's the personal income tax rate? How much financial aid does it receive from the U.S.?

I ask these questions to do nothing, but only to clear the air. For example, the Obama-is-a-socialist meme doesn't run as strong as it used to mainly because most people are allowing it to be believed, so they don't need to berade others with it. As well, France, an ally of the U.S. is a country that people don't even make jokes about anymore. In fact, a pundit could get on TV, say, "France," and people start laughing at that, without even a centilla of a punchline.

So, there's a dichotomy there in how we talk about different countries. And while the victimization of Israel is strong, even now, I can't help but wonder why no one says why we preach to some countries and not to others. Just for the sake of being genuine. But hey, I guess the current system of being disingenuous, sketchy, and then letting subsequent leaks of those feelings surface is working out alright.

Oh, and the Arab countries. There's another good example. I mean, why did I not hear about them on Fox News when George W. Bush was president? I mean, those aren't exactly countries modelled on the American system of Democracy, but crticism is low. European socialism though, that's going to start killing people sooner or later.


Bryan said…
Peugeot...... ah haha, It's funny because it's French.

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