Not Just a Pretty Face

If someone mentions the Bowles-Simpson plan one more time, I am going to kick a puppy. It took a commission of former donks who couldn't even be called wonks to come up with a plan that has recommendations, which have been made before? I sincerely hope they weren't paid for their services.

And by the way, while the reasoning for those far off in the future raises in the social security age is so that senior citizens now won't have to worry about them, I still doubt that current senior citizens know enough to make the determination of how it won't effect them. In fact, if I were were going to campaign against anyone who even thought about agreeing with anything from Bowles-Simpson, I would scare my senior citizens into voting for me and against those mean people who want to raise the retirement age while never providing context. On the other hand, that's how all campaigns are run.

One more thing. As much as I love WhoisIOZ and his railing-kills against Paul Krugman; Krugman is right: this whole fuss about social security and medicare has a baseline problem. Old people die, but poor old people die more often. The principles and ideologies of liberty-and-made-up-feel-good-jingoisms that are thrown out so that people who dont' want to touch our junk can touch our junk at the airport seem to all come flooding back when it comes to letting non-rich people ACTUALLY die. If only poor old people had enough money to fly somewhere, they could get x-rays and physicals at the airport.


Alex said…
"If only poor old people had enough money to fly somewhere, they could get x-rays and physicals at the airport." I wonder where the TSA agents stand on doctor/patient confidentiality. Are they trained to analyze the results of these scanners? Would they even warn me if they spotted a potential tumor growing inside of me, or are they only interested making me miss a flight due to carrying an extra ounce of shampoo?

Nah.. I bet they'd just let me pass by, in hopes of catching the big prize: A person attempting to smuggle a small amount of pot through airport security! Then the agent could take this exciting and rare opportunity to handcuff and arrest the drug-terrorist (face down on the ground of course), in hopes that a manager or ANY type of news media may catch their act of bravery, THUS guaranteeing their 15 minutes of fame. MEANWHILE, during all this excitement, some guy with a battery and some wires stuck up his ass will casually walk by the animated cat fight and board his final flight.

Do you think that this hypothetical situation would even cause the government to rethink these 'security measures?' Hell, would a story like that even make the mainstream news? What will it take for gov't to swallow their pride and remove these scanners? ET? This surely can't last long.. right?? :|

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