It doesn't take much to hook me onto something. But it does take a lot for me to give something a chance. And there are enough girls watching Glee to make me wonder what the show offered. So, I've started watching from the go of season 2.

So, where to start? This show hits on a few things. If you like music that doesn't always involve death metal, this show will hit a few notes for you. Glee is trying to strike that part of your brain that either did, or does, like musicals, or the ability to have a music video come to life on a daily basis. The problem is that the show is written, produced, and directed by what appears to be heroin addicts. The only part of the theme that remains in this show is that there are kids who are in a glee club. Every other part of the show that would, or should, make you care drops and then gets picked up at such distant and random intervals that I forgot to pick up my dry cleaning last week. As it turns out, I don't have any dry cleaning to pick up.

And there are things that I like in terms of story arc. Kurt's outed homosexuality is something that really provides that show with some sincere emotion, even if it is a bit obvious that the show would have to make that a theme. And the characters are all pretty and have... talent. But, there's a problem that comes with a serious story arc, the show takes itself seriously. And the problem for a story arc for an out homosexual in highschool is that the rest of the arcs and themes are SO childish, contrived, and crazy. I mean, there is so much deus-ex-machina in the show, that almost every episode could be made into a Mystery Science Theatre 3000 / Rifftrax episode.

Ugh, God, did I mention there's a kid in a wheelchair? That they involve with the choreography?

If you can pry your hands away from your shamed-face, let me say like I did in the beginning that I get why this show is popular, I like parts of it, I like the musical numbers sometimes, and yes they're all pretty. But to think that this show says something, anything, speaks more for your imagination than it does the creators of the show.


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