That's Wrong, Let's Do That

Steven Hayward writes:
The real problem with academic political science is its insistence on attempting to emulate the empiricism of economics and other social sciences, such that the multiple regression analysis is considered about the only legitimate tool of the trade.
Um, actually, the problem with political science as economics is that not even economics has achieved the ability to be economical. In fact, there are political affiliations within economics (e.g. Keynesians, Austrians, other guys, etc.). I could probably become a political science professor about economic politics.

The problem with regression and statistics has always been that by adding or subtracting a variable, or calling a variable useless or a freak outlier, the results are changed based on what point you want to win. And while the public could actually sit down and think for themselves about what variables matter and what analyses have merit, these papers almost always read like a Twilight novel written by a law professor. And even if the public could find the time to read through all the verbosity, I’m pretty sure they’d rather watch football.

I mean, seriously people, tax cuts pay for themselves. Sort of. In a way. If you think about it… while on drugs.


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