This is What You Want

I’ve rarely, if ever, had any major disagreements when Patrick Appel has understudied for Andrew Sullivan.  However, in this post, his facts are right, but his conclusion I think just misses the mark.
… there were certainly conservative pundits arguing against “Obamacare” but conservative healthcare experts were seriously outgunned.  The opposite is also true: liberal foreign policy experts were undoubtedly outnumbered during the lead-up to the Iraq war.
I’m assuming that the possibility that these two “ends of the spectrum” are actually achieving things that they either passively accept, or don’t care about in outcome, hasn’t entered Patrick’s mind.

But that’s really the beauty of the system, is it not?  An anti-war group gets labeled as crazy because there are politicians dubbed “on the left” (whatever the hell that means) who support war.  Accordingly, a government that has always been an accomplice for state capitalism is then given the honor of becoming socialist because it enacted a healthcare law that was originally conceptualized and enacted by a Republican governor.

Whatever; everyone is obviously making this up as they go along.  It’s just that I’m the only one owning up to that.


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