A Secret Logic

While I know left-wing politics does this just as well, my most prevalent memory of hypocritical/double standard logic comes from the old right-wing bit of scaring everyone into brown-pants-syndrome when there’s a leak regarding as to how the U.S. investigates terrorist activity.  Specifically, SWIFT.  If you recall, the program puts under review transactions in foreign bank accounts.

The controversy regarding the program was that it was done without oversight or anything resembling a warrant.  The controversy over the leak was that the U.S. should not let terrorists know how we are spying and investigating them.

Well, by that logic, I could then surmise that this algorithmic program being developed by Ian Horsley and Steve Levitt will have absolutely no effect on terrorists because by merely describing some of the variables that are used to indentify terrorists, they will now adapt, and avoid capture.  So, according to the logic aforementioned, we shouldn’t even try to engage in this program since the public knows about it.  You’re welcome.


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