On Democracy

Many weeks ago on Facebook, a friend of mine wrote in regards to the iPhone staying proprietary to the AT&T network, "muuuuaahahahahaaha! Dont worry, verizon isn't as good as everyone claims it to be."

It's funny how we, as Americans, claim our democracy is the best form of available government, yet we continuously find examples where democracy in its barest form, is purported to be wrong (e.g. look above). If we're willing to acknowledge that society at large makes decisions in plurality (or majority) that are wrong, then likewise, on the other side of the political spectrum, the free market must fail on similar principles.

And while your mind tackles with the logic that once again, there cannot be two sets of "facts," the reality is that while Verizon may not be "as good as everyone claims it to be" (whatever that means), there is a reason why users of AT&T say it sucks.


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