Oh Please

From Grand Prix.com:
While driving on the street at 9:15pm, close to the Albert Park circuit, Hamilton was spotted by the police deliberately losing traction in his 2010 Mercedes C63. Melbourne police booked him under what are know as "anti-hoon" laws, in which - often young - motorists spin their wheels, fishtail or perform doughnuts on public roads.

The police impounded his car, and he was then driven back to his hotel.
I'm sorry, but if anyone in THE WORLD is qualified to have a bit of leeway on the road with their car control, it is Lewis Hamilton.  To the point, if anyone were to be pulled over for such an offense, the proper thing for an officer to say is, "I'm sorry, but are YOU Lewis Hamilton?  No, then you'll have to come with me."


long time reader, first time poster said…
I agree. This is a bit ridiculous. Good, witty write up. I by no means think any race-car driver is above the law, or anyone for that matter. But not as extreme of measures need to be taken.


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