Securities that Are Not Traded

Topics of sexual intimacy with yourself and others have rightfully broken out in the mainstream.  The taboo nature of such topics has been overblown for quite some time.  Indeed, that is why many feminists make note of how the feminist revolution (which, by the way, hasn’t ended) was also a sexual revolution.

So, we break ground, but the point that has been missed deals with how we comment on sexuality.  What is trivial for one person isn't for another.  What I absolutely love - and by love, I mean cry myself to sleep at night - is how the  topic is discussed among females.  If you haven't experienced two or more women talking about their orgasms, or sexual encounters, I implore you to do so.  You will leave feeling either one of two things: You either already thought you were the bees-knees and will continue to think so, or you will leave shattered of any self-confidence whatsoever.

What we learn is that Tina Turner was right.  What's love got to do with it?  I don't care how much you love someone, or actually want to please them, failure is always an optional exit on the highway of sexual disaster.  I know, I've heard the stories.

And this is the kicker.  If this is what men feel sometimes, I cannot - for the love of any deity that I do not believe in - imagine what it's like on the other side for women who have been wrongfully trained into internalizing bedroom problems as their fault.

My point all comes down to the fact that we all have insecurities, and just because we can joke about them, or that the female gender is finally starting to be allowed (it's still too taboo for some people) to openly discuss these in the same manner as men do, doesn't mean that some (me) aren't insecure about it.

Put it this way.  Will and I discuss topics dealing with sex every so often here, but you won't see me co-starring in a flick with Nina Hartley any time soon.  So, go ahead, discuss, it's good to talk about sex, but just don't be surprised when you see my eyes dart down as I think to myself, "Is this going to be a problem for me on my next date?"


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