The Things We Keep

For varying reasons people take breaks; sometimes relationships end, but most of the time people need different things at different times, or have to be in different geographical areas. Hopefully these breaks aren’t forever, but they happen. I think most could agree with that line of thought.

That said there are still many things we keep from those times spent together. These are items that could make us and smile, or even keep us safe. I have one such item from a friend whom had some insider information about a local restaurant close to where I work, and where many times my colleagues purchase lunch. Now, the chances of anything bad happening to the food ordered are slim to none, but I can’t help but produce a wry smile whenever they ask me, “Would you like something from so-and-so’s?” To which I kindly reply at all times, “No, but thank you.”

One of the greatest things about friendship has to be the memories you can hold on to bring you joy.  Sure, we can remember the rough times, but we also can remember the times that made things so worth while.


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