Ruined in Popularity

I thought about telling someone special recently all the amazing things that they are to me.  This would mean that they can be a variety of different characteristics.  Unfortunately, while in my mind I was trying to orchestrate the arrangement of words I would write and/or speak, I realized that my sentiments would be all too familiar if that person had ever heard Meredith Brooks’ song, “Bitch.”

Even academics run into this all the time.  Of course, when they cite something, their peers and other readers can tell themselves, “Well, he has certainly done his research.”  When trying to convey an emotional message  though, most receivers will think the following things.

You could think that I lack the intelligence to conjure such thoughts on my own.  You might also think that I have that album or song somewhere in my music library (I can attest to you that I do not).

But I wonder how many times someone has tried to express a thought only to have the thought marginalized by later on finding out that those thoughts have been conveyed already in some other popular form.  Or, when we censor ourselves as I have from saying how we feel because the words we want to say, or write, have already been uttered.

I just wish there was some way around it all.


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