More of the Same

I'm watching C-Span (Wednesday night at 8:30pm ET) and Representative Todd Akin (R-Missouri) has mentioned the Laffer curve; among other garbage.

I sincerely enjoy that people still use Arthur Laffer's thought experiment as an idea of where the proper taxation rate should be. The argument usually goes like this: I believe taxes are too high... P.S. Laffer curve.

The point is this, if I increase taxes, and tax revenues go up, guess what, we're still on the good side of the Laffer curve you dolts.

I used to think that Jon Stewart over did the talking point clips, but as I now see a grown man talking on the floor of the House speak about the economy and mention how the emails of scientists totally puts global warming into question, I think Jon Stewart hasn't done enough of those clips.

Oh, and P.S. Death Tax.

Try harder guys.  Car salesmen are better at this than you.


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