Troubled Times

In my quasi-short lifetime, I have experienced failure of varying degrees and in different capacities.

However, the one avenue that still provides me with the utmost jarring and doubt is with relationships. If anything, with the way our human memory works, it seems as if it actually gets harder each time it happens. Whether it be in friendships, familial bonds, or romantic relationships, the emotional toll is somewhat unbearable.

I wish this upon no one. However, it unfortunately will happen to everyone. I remember as a child I used to think that somehow if something bad were happening to me, it was not happening to someone else. I only wish that were true now, because if it were it would leave me with some solace that these events that I/we go through actually can do some good for someone else.

To wit, we have to believe that those on the other side are making the right decisions for themselves, and therefore, ultimately, what seems like a tough decision now ends up being an obvious course of action in hindsight.

But that doesn't always make these events painless. It's at times likes these when I can thank my closest friends, Will here at The Nappy Cat, and my great friend Brett, among others who take the time to know that I'm alright. I'm eternally thankful for their support, compassion, and levity.

These are difficult times when people lay out their own persona to be judged and seen by someone else at an intimate level. When things don't go the way that we hoped they would, it's not just an easy - but almost consequential - step that we lose confidence and question ourselves.

As well, I should also note that when things do sour, or do not go as we hope, it is especially accommodating when the person on the other side is understanding, honest, and empathetic. I've seen it in my past when people can be vindictive, and friendships sour beyond repair. In this instance, I'm thankful that this time I have someone who is one of the most amazing people I have ever come across. In the end, sometimes things take a different direction than we hoped because of some circumstances that need attention and are more important.

I have to wonder to myself if this ever happens to George Will. That said, I hope to be back to writing about other matters soon. And yes, they probably will involve George Will, but that's only because I still get astounded as to the things he sometimes says.

So, then why did I write all this? Because I want to make it a point that as much as I call out George Will for getting a bit out of hand, or some other pundit for getting a bit crazy, I'm still just as human as they are. Just another guy who's going to make mistakes, get hurt, and hopefully come out with something to show for it.

I also want my friends to know how much I appreciate them when I go through difficult times. They, and the experiences that come with them, are what have made my life truly worth living. And I'm glad that I, at the very least, still made a great friend out of this experience.


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