Declaring Failure

George Will writes in his Newsweek column regarding to Obama:
He says "the time for bickering is over." Presidents of both parties disparage as mere bickering all inconvenient arguments about what government can and should do. Americans "didn't send us here to bicker," said George Herbert Walker Bush, in the first 15 minutes of America's most recent one-term presidency.
These are the kinds of paragraphs when you know someone is either a hack, or is really struggling and becoming quite hack-ish.

You see, there are multiple problems with what George Will is doing here. First, George Will is stating that somehow not winning an election shows that you suck, and obviously don’t deserve to win. The problem with that argument is that I never read George Will write any such thing during this past election, where the Republican party would have then been deserving to lose.

Also, I’m sorry, but bringing up George H.W. Bush as a modicum of failure is a bit harsh. Seriously, his re-election campaign was a failure, but his presidency was relatively successful, and realistic. He was able to keep the empire going, not immediately bankrupt the country by making a proper decision to raise taxes to help pay for items, such as Operation Gulf Storm (aka "It's about time you saw our guns again on tv).

And, ultimately, George Will’s argument falls kind of flat when he does a combination of ignoring the other two branches of government, while stating that this current president has been beaten because he probably won’t be elected again… in three years. Bravo.


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