Bonjourrrrrrrrr, yah cheese-eatin' surrender monkeys!

Ryan Sager writes:
Chance a U.S. household that owns a Prius also owns an SUV: 1 in 3.
That’s from the Harper’s Index, October issue, according to Cowen. It would surprise you, if you didn’t read this blog and already know that we’re constantly calculating the trade-off between being able to see ourselves as good people and the cost of engaging in all that non-advantageous goodness.
I've never met an SUV owner whose personal sense of self suffered because their "other car" was not a Prius. From my experience, the ownership is based on usefulness: An SUV is useful for comfortably transporting a family of four, a dog, and luggage. Because the Prius is most efficient when stopping-and-going, it's useful for short distance trips such as running to the food store and taking the kids to the park.

Comfort and headroom are two variables that seem to be disregarded by efficiency-seeking car buyers. So, if you can afford it, why not have the best of both worlds?

(h/t The Daily Dish)


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