Planning a Trip

I need a website that organizes locations and directions intuitively and in a user-friendly way. Yahoo has a trip planner but upon review you discover that it's just a money-making scheme. The Google Maps "my maps" feature is like every other Google product: workable but barely functional (a generous assessment given that the Google Maps print screen renders my browser unresponsive).

So, for my trip south, I've turned to MapQuest which has a crowded interface but seems to get the job done if I break my trip down into multiple maps. Which is great because I plan to stop at the hellish Myrtle Beach, the lovely Charleston, Brookgreen Gardens in Murrells Inlet, and Chincoteague Island. Which is to say, don't get lost in the South: Even after 4 years in South Carolina, my precious Yankee ears refused to comprehend the townie accent and its colorful colloquiality.


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