I'll Take No One's Word For It

Just so we’re not clear in the least about what is going on about anything, George Will says the president has an outrageous socialist agenda. Obviously, George Will never says so outright, instead giving us a history lesson on communist socialism, and then essentially saying, and look at what Obama’s trying to do.

Joe Galloway, on the other hand, warns us that this president is lying down on the job, and is naïve on a level never before imagined. On top of which, Galloway then exclaims all the powers that presidency entails, as if the position would lend itself to a benevolent dictator. And the president’s “power” at the “bully pulpit” is a great thing. To the point, Galloway claims the president is too deferential to the United States Congress, and to the whims of bipartisanship.

Lewis Black once made a joke – at least, I think it was a joke; I laughed before I cried – saying that there cannot be two sets of facts. There has to be some fact facts.

I think that these two very decent guys (Galloway and Will) are missing the point. Nothing has really changed. Here is your fact: We have always been and will continue to be state capitalists. In the end, money goes from me, to somewhere else, and I should be lucky that I get back what I do. It doesn’t matter where the end point is, because they all are the same.


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