Informed Proxy Voting Thanks to Google

I received some Proxy voting paperwork just last week. In my voting, I actually went against what was “recommended” to me.

As I had written previously, many of the people who were such a large part of current crisis are still there, in power.

Now, thanks to Google, I was able to search the history of all the board members up for election and choose accordingly. If you think that being on the board of Tyco at the time right as it went into the crapper is going to help your cause with me, think again.

The time of board directors being consistently voted back in for more terms probably will not end. But I will not allow my dissident comments not to be heard.

Here is the shocking part. If I’m researching the directors that are up for election – and since the use of Google is a recent achievement for information like this – on what were the rest of the people voting for a few years ago? And more importantly, why aren’t they using the information now?

And on top of shocking, here is the horrifying part. If people are voting with a total lack of information in regards to their own money, then chances are that they are doing no research when they are voting for elected officials.


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