In the Labor Market

By virtue of being lucky enough to live in the United States, I am in the labor market.  As of late, I have been sifting through a staffing agency working on short term assignments for other firms.

Looking around at how lay-offs are carried out, I can say with firsthand experience that lower level positions are the first to be cut, whether someone actually does work, or not.  Even though the lower level positions don’t make as much as managers, they can’t fire themselves so the managers have to fire them; and more importantly, if you fire enough of them, you really do save a lot of money.  The work then gets spread around.  Not to the managers though.

In fact, terminating those lower level employees is also a great way to not pay your bills, which also saves you money.  If you can get by the harassing (although completely justified) phone calls to collect your business debts, then you can really save a lot of money in the short term.  And since you’re a manager, chances are you can live with that harassment, along with people generally not liking you.


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