I'll Show You Crazy

A friend of mine on Facebook shared a link to an article at Hot Air.  The gist that he and the article were making was, “Just because we’re paranoid doesn’t mean they’re not out to get us.”

Essentially, many of the Chrysler dealerships that have been closing have Republican ownership.  This apparently has drawn the author along with some of the dealer owners to wonder if President Obama has interrupted his busy “We’re different, but do the same things as every administration before” schedule to find out what political party the dealer owners are associated with, and target them appropriately.  Really?  Don’t you think efforts of that caliber would be better put to use in, I don’t know, gerrymandering?

Let’s get to the nuts and bolts as to at least one other possible (read: less whacky) reason why Republican Chrysler dealership owners are shutting down.  Perhaps the possibility did not occur to the dealer owners that our latest economic recession hit hardest at the socio-economic areas where the residents were mostly Republicans.

For all the times George Will equates Democrats to Communists, I have yet to see him say that they somehow targeted specific people for suffering.  If they were communist anyway, they would make sure that everyone suffered equally.  Of course, except for the high ruling class.  Man, that scenario sounds familiar.


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