Joe Galloway, someone whom I like and respect, unknowingly makes a point without knowing it in his column last Friday.

He makes a point that people like Noam Chomsky have been arguing for quite some time: Elected officials will not enact the change for which we vote them in.

Galloway’s column is useful in terms of accountability.  He shows how Obama has gone back on many of the campaign promises he made.  But Galloway doesn’t actually make any other point.  In the end, all this does, and should do, is prove that real government changes comes on the heels of true populist moments.  Moments when the stability of the system reaches a tipping point as to where it could no longer operate if the citizenry continues to rebuke it.

That is the establishment – a machine with no one at the helm but everyone invested in its perpetuation - and in order for these things to change, they would have to get worse.


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