Paying for Policy by Proxy

Most large companies and a smattering of the masses participate in a format of paid policy. What I’m referring to is of course, elections.

As a thought experiment today, I thought to myself on the possibilities of creating a system where people would be motivated to become involved politically. I pondered on a system that would set a deadline for a policy judgment, and whichever policy received the most funds by the deadline; that policy would win.

It took only 30 seconds (I know, I know, I wasn’t as quick as you) to realize that the obvious detraction of this policy would be that corporations could participate, on top of rich people that participate anyway.

However, it took only another 5 seconds for me to realize that we already have the system that I described. It simply is empowered on itself by proxy. That is to say, the candidates we vote for are controlled choices because their funding is given by those with lots of money.

So, what is a vote? Not worth much. As I’ve always said, vote or not, get involved politically and make it as difficult as possible for politicians to pull the wool over our eyes. But chances are that you have work to do and are too busy to care, which is exactly how our system works.


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