Comment on Abbey's Life Effect

I thought about giving this to Will.  Allowing him a first crack at tackling what my friend, Abbey, wrote regarding aging.  Alas, I’m going to be a bit selfish, and place a comment on this first.
A few things need to be said here regarding what Abbey wrote. First, it is utterly and absolutely personal.  One could feel guilty about commenting on it, if they so chose, for fear of coming off as adversarial, or patronizing.  Her story at the end shows that this is something she’s given a considerable amount of thought personally.

However, she projects.  Abbey makes this about everyone, including me.
So in effort to avoid the dramatic effects associated with the reality of getting older/being old, I suggest that we face aging head on.
Alright, what do you got?
With each year, we should acknowledge and embrace the grief that comes with maturing so that it does not come back to bite us in the ass when we've suddenly hit 50 and for the very first time, realize that we're all washed up and serving a life sentence in the middle of suburbia.
It’s funny, when the topic of aging comes about, it really does become a topic within itself so that you begin to lose sight of the big picture.
While one might think about aging, I’d rather be thinking, what do I want to do with all my time?  Can I still do that when I get older?  What decisions do I need to make to continue living the way I hope for as I age?

Why is Scott Adams the only one asking those questions?

Abbey wrote about scenarios of mid life crises and the lot.  I couldn’t help but think of the Talking Heads’ “Once in a Lifetime.”  I wonder how anyone else would take what she wrote.

I guess while I don’t particularly disagree with anything that Abbey wrote; maybe I would just think it better to focus on the questions that Scott and I ask.  The only item that really bothers me is that I don’t know why she wrote it.  For me, Abbey is one of the nicest, intelligent, and beautiful people I have ever met.  And no amount of aging will ever change my opinion of her.


Will said…
And I thought that I was nihilist.
Michael said…
I know, right?

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