Something to Get Mad About

Jon Stewart shared some information that shed light on how the Obama administration is realizing some “Savings” by telling troops that if their spouse has health insurance, troops coming back will have to enroll on their spouse’s healthcare plan, and no be entitled to VA care.

How any anti-administration politician (i.e. Republicans) can miss an opportunity to critique the presidential administration on something as important as veteran’s healthcare is ludicrous.  For all their harrumphing and puffing about how they “support the troops” and want to make sure they “succeed” and are “victorious,” they sure as hell don’t care what happens to these people when they come back.

Why not take President Obama to task on something real?  On a policy that can be changed?  Well, it looks like Republicans feel we’re not worthy of answering those questions.

Maybe another question should be: why is Jon Stewart the only one taking the administration to task for making it even tougher for our troops to get healthcare when they get back.  Rush?  Kristol?  Are you guys even trying anymore?


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