Salvaging Pride

My right wing friends are apparently always right.  Never has a day gone by that they have made a mistake.  Unfortunately, because the political left acts in similar kind, this legitimizes the entire farce that we identify as political discourse.

Today, in the New York Post, Michael Yon wrote that, “The Iraq War is over...Nobody knows what the future will bring, but the civil war has completely ended.”  He cites many instances of people working together, and the fact that deaths have thankfully decreased in frequency.

I pause to think about the circumstances that have led us to where we are today.   You see, much of what makes the Iraq War so redeeming to so many people is that they need to tell themselves a few things. First, the mainstream media is left wing and biased and threatens U.S. security.  Second, Other firms and think tanks are also left wing, and any statistics that do not come from the American Enterprise Institute should be treated as biased.

These assumptions are necessary because it is part of their own cognitive dissonance.  On the other hand, part of my own cognitive dissonance relies on the premise that I have seen many powerful nations engage in similar wars and occupations only to fail and be seen as mistakes later on.

The assumptions are necessary because one could find many reasons as to why the violence in Iraq has ebbed.  You see, take into account that the United Nations High Commission on Refugees states that 4.7 million Iraqis have either fled Iraq, or have been displaced within Iraq.  It's as if that “idiotic” three state solution that Biden had proffered has already taken place by simple economics.  “I'll decide to move rather than get murdered.”  Case in point, Iraqi Kurdistan still exists.

It's a great illustration as to how perspective with respect to our own cognitive dissonance makes a difference.  You say civil war has ended.  I say that over 4 million people have moved.

Why is our staying in Iraq such a great thing?  What makes our occupation in Iraq so much better than our intervention in Somalia?  More to the point, why is it that no one ever cares to discuss that both political parties have similar foreign policy goals.  The only difference is that when one party has executed a plan, the other party is ready to discount it.  The only thing we are ever really fighting for in the U.S. is political power.

At some point, each of us will have to swallow our pride and admit we have been playing follow the leader (pundit) of our respective political party for quite some time.


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