Semblance of Political Discourse

Does anyone know why the game Apples to Apples chooses to have cards like Hiroshima in the game?  According to Wikipedia:
The judge's decision is completely subjective; the official rules encourage the judge to pick the match that is "most creative, humorous or interesting". Some might think it humorous if Helen Keller is played for senseless or touchy-feely, and might give that player the point.
So, when a card with the adjective of “deadly” or “war” comes up, it takes someone twisted to the brink of psychosis for the card of Hiroshima to not win.  At what point do we stop playing the game and admit one of two things?  Either that Hiroshima should not be a card in this game, or that when something so logical comes upon us, it cannot be denied (e.g. “Hiroshima exemplified a deadly atrocity, opposed to Britney Spears who exemplifies the tragedy of our media priorities.”)

Well, we never do any of those two things.  Just look at your current discourse in politics.  I have heard countless radio and TV pundits thanking God (big America fan by the way, that God) for our current Republican personnel in Washington.  At every chance we have had the possibility of a Democrat moving into Washington, they have espoused claims of, “Prepare to die as soon as you let that liberal into Washington.”

Sure, I think that the logic behind many of those “Democrats will be the end of us” arguments are pretty thin.  But you know what scares me more?  How Republicans think that they can make Governor Sarah Palin not seem like a foreign policy liability.  I’m assuming that’s because they all know that she will toe whatever the party line is during the day.

I just don’t understand it.  On one side, many “liberally minded” are saying that Obama and Biden are still too forceful in their language of foreign policy, and overall, pretty hawkish.  Meanwhile, the Republicans make them out to be little girls.  And I’m not talking about the girls that used to beat me up when I was in high school elementary school American Gladiators.

At some point, I just want the world to agree on facts again.  But if there's anyone here who is going to tell you how perspective rules over us all, it's going to be Will.


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